Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Miss America and the Media: RACISM EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

So today I checked for fresh news on the internet, to see what today's bullshit outrage might be.  Of course, I was not disappointed.

What the hell is this white person doing crowning a non-white person????   Cue racist trolling and then lots of fake outrage!!!!

On my facebook page, I saw an article from Buzzfeed about all the racist tweets and responses concerning the newly-crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri, an American whose parents are immigrants from India.  If you're looking for the daily bullshit outrage, you can never go wrong with Buzzfeed, so I checked it out.

Usually, the Miss America pageant is that magical event each year when feminists raise a loud wail of lamentation over this horrible institution, and universally blame the sexist standards of beauty that men hold and support(or so I am assured by feminists),  for the existence of an entirely voluntary competition that for some reason women flock to be a part of, and that no man I know watches or would pay a dime to keep going.  But this year, the progressive focus has shifted...there's no time to care about women or sexism or anorexia, they have a minority to exploit!  Time to forget about imaginary sexism and invent a deluge of racism instead!

Apparently, the whole main kerfuffle is this:  A handful of dumbfucks, some of whom absolutely HAD to be trolls, tweeted some stupid racist shit like "Miss America or Miss Al-Queda?" and other gems of idiocy.The Buzzfeed article has a nice list of maybe twenty tweets from assorted morons.  Some of them are even from Twitter accounts made special for the event:  one account was named "notmissamerica" and stated "More like Miss Terrorist".  Now, call me a skeptic, but that's got to be a troll.  Or if not a conscious troll, then the saddest and loneliest person in the long, sad history of sad, lonely people.  In these days of 24/7 internet outrage, I wouldn't even be surprised if it was an intentional fake.  Of course, Buzzfeed was not the only media site to break this amazing story of America's horrible racism....if you google "miss america racist tweets", at least a couple dozen more media outlets and blogs have almost identical pieces, all crowing about the horrible floods of racism, all showing the same parade of tweets and trolls, none of them saying anything at all original or useful.  Just a shitload of race-baiting, and occasional assumptions about American culture, all on the account of a handful of morons and trolls.

  And the comments.....oh, the beautiful idiot comments....hundreds upon hundreds of smug assholes falling all over themselves to say how ashamed they are of America's racism, how they should move to some European paradise where there is no racism(lols), how it's so horrible that in this day and age there is still so much horrible racism in " 'Murica".....you know, horrible, terrible racism... like a couple dozen tweets out of 300 million people.  I couldn't count how many of these noble anti-racists were quick to whip out such wonderful, tolerant words like "inbred toothless rednecks", "white trash trailer park denizens", etc ad nauseum.  Ah, the smell of hypocritical, self-righteous, over-inflated gas-bagging in the morning.....almost as precious as a cute puppy's farts, and twice as useless.    

There was another publicized incident in the Miss America Racism Saga as well.  Todd Starnes of Fox News apparently made a few tweets as well which had to do with another contestant, Miss Kansas, who he was rooting for.  After she lost out of the semi-finals he let loose with a few predictable butthurt tweets, like:

"Miss Kansas, a gun-toting, deer-hunting, military veteran was America's choice - but not the liberal Miss America judges' choice."

Ok, so she's only toting a hunting bow, so what?   

CNN and some of the more liberal media outlets and blogs apparently tried to make his tweets out to be a racist attack on the winner, but Starnes wrote a rebuttal piece showing that he was talking only about Miss Kansas losing at the time, and tweeted them before the winner was chosen.  I put this whole event down to Starnes and CNN trolling each other with lightly-covered race-baiting to increase views on their sites.  In other words, the business of bullshit as usual.

And the latest is a bit of smug fluff from The Guardian (do they do anything except smug fluff?) congratulating Miss America for overcoming a racist social media "attack".  You know, not an attack, an "attack"....a handful of tweets by random idiots and trolls.  At least in the comments at The Guardian, there were a few commenters who called this whole thing for what it is....bullshit and clickbait, and making an "attack" of racism from troll droppings so they can be the smug, diversity-loving, progressive heroes supporting this brave, heroic woman.  Who was so brave and heroic, she won a beauty pageant.  My eyes are tearing up here, people.....either I'm genuinely touched, or the reek of bullshit has finally gotten to me.

It's funny to me...if they hadn't been able to whip up some racism outrage, no doubt it would have been the usual groups of feminists and progressives whining about how beauty pageants oppress women and promote harmful and sexist standards of beauty even though they're entirely voluntary and almost nobody really gives a shit about them.  Today, they have imaginary floods of American racism with which to collectively shame us all, and content-free "diversity" in which to smugly wallow as if something meaningful was actually accomplished.  As soon as another white woman wins, it'll be right back to sexism and all those horrible men who promote these horrible sexist competitions, and who must of course represent all of American culture.

All I've earned from this is that progressive media has finally crossed the threshold....they are now officially just as full of bullshit and fake outrage as conservative media.

 I suppose congratulations are in order:

Thank you for your great dedication to social justice!


Here is a token of my appreciation!