Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dream Journal #1- I Shit Thee Not: This Is What My Dreams Are Like.

When I first considered writing a blog, one of the ideas I thought might be interesting was to keep a dream journal.  I tend to be a very deep sleeper, and rarely remember a dream upon waking, maybe 3-6 times per year at most.  But the ones I do remember...
...oh my.   
There have been a dozen or so over the years that I can still remember vividly today....real brain-fucks.  They tend to be long, richly detailed, plotted along some ridiculous and often ambiguous narrative, and deeply weird.  Not usually violent or gory, but weird to the point of being more than a bit disturbing.  Today's early morning dream was no exception, and yes, this is honestly what I dreamed.  I only put down what I could remember immediately afterward.

I am sitting in the front passenger seat of a moving car, looking out at passing fog and dim shapes, lost in a reverie.  The murky outside scene passing by reminds me of morning rides to school in the wintertime. I'm aware that my mom is driving the car, and saying something I can't quite make out in my daze.   I try to hear  what she's saying, and start to gather my senses...

We're both adults, our current ages, but we're in our old family car- a grey 1985 Chevy Cavalier which is now long gone.  I've missed what she said, and ask "I'm sorry, what was that?"

She replies, somewhat aware that I wasn't paying attention, "Oh, nothing, I just said 'thank you for coming with me for this', you didn't have to, but I appreciate your help."

"Of course, no problem!  Good to get out and about anyway!", I reply.

 I have no idea where we're going....I almost ask, but then I remember.....that's right....we're going to the Valley Plaza Mall in Bakersfield, to buy a harmonica for....someone, and she wanted to make sure she got a good one.  It occurs to me that nobody sells harmonicas at the mall....and why drive to Bakersfield to get one anyway?