Friday, June 27, 2014

A Year in Jail for a Completely Harmless Prank. We Must Protect Muslims from Ever Being Offended, No Matter the Cost!

So apparently, in Scotland, causing mild offense to Muslims is now a serious crime, a potential hate crime, that must be dealt with especially harshly.  Even if it's mild, joking, sort-of, almost, kind of, "vandalism" that only took five minutes and a wet-nap to clean up.

A 39-year old man and 18-year old woman were sentenced this week to nine months in custody, and one year in custody, respectively, for the heinous crime of exposing Muslims to bacon.

It's amazing to me, the deference people give to anything "religious".  Personally, I think public libraries are far more worthy of respect and public protection than any church.  Hospitals, fire stations, even private homes are all far more valuable and important to me than some community edifice that gullible or emotionally needy people are trained to see as "holy".  But some people feel that their religious beliefs MUST be respected, to a higher degree than any other thing in life, and not by just themselves but everyone else as well.  

The normal highest penalty for vandalism in Scotland would be a fine and three months imprisonment.  But hey, Muslims were offended, so what does the law really mean to a court?  Nothing, apparently.  Saving some very easily offended people from offense, and making an example of those who dare show disrespect, is apparently more important than equal treatment or fair application of the law.