Friday, November 14, 2014

Incredible Human Achievement VS. Poo-Flinging Monkeys: Reason #(one million and) 1 that I Simply Cannot Take Modern Feminists Seriously

I realized years ago that I enjoy observing internet media trends more closely than most of my friends and acquaintances, especially the two very large fields of science and popular politics.  If you are not familiar with the current state of astrophysics and space exploration, or the supposedly "progressive" and "tolerant" ideologies behind popular progressivism and feminism online, here is a quick update with some of my own commentary.....
....proper and polite, totally not sexist, and 100% feminist always, of course!

First, the REAL news:

  Today, there was incredible achievement tempered with some stinging disappointment in the world of space exploration and solar system research.  The European Space Agency completed the traveling and landing portions of the Rosetta mission, and landed the research craft Philae on a comet 300 million miles from Earth.

The articles linked below give a more thorough review of the science and the mission.

  The 10-year Rosetta mission was truly amazing, for a variety of reasons, even if those reasons only have mass appeal to astronomy buffs, science enthusiasts, and Sci-Fi fans like myself.  The simple fact that we are now capable of sending an unmanned research station hundreds of millions of miles and hitting such a small target could barely have been imagined even in the forward-thinking Sci-Fi of 100 years ago, and that's just the beginning.  
  Unfortunately, the landing was not perfect, and has probably severely compromised some of the research goals.  But because of incredibly detailed planning including multiple research goals, and along with backup plans and ingenuity in the face of setbacks, there is still great scientific value in the mission.  More than most people will ever bother to know.
  I realize that to many people this is, sadly, no big deal, succeed or fail.  Humans have been doing space missions off and on for 40+ years now, and the mass public as a group is easily bored.  But people will be reading a million pages of bullshit on the internet just like every day, so this is also a symptom of mass public and media ignorance of, and/or apathy toward, mankind's space exploration. The achievement today is a far bigger deal than 90% of what the media will likely focus on.

  Even if almost all of the planned mission fails, this first-of-a-kind attempt will still return valuable results, show a viable proof of concept, and give advice for perfecting future missions.  

  That is the real power of science, new research, experiment, and exploration:  even a near-total failure may still be a huge success, with real, tangible rewards that simply cannot be realized in any other way.

These linked articles detail the problems, and what can possibly be done about them.

  This mission represents incredible achievements of humankind, makes evident the inherent difficulty and risk involved in such enterprises, and helps us outline how we can carry on in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and achieve some success even when conditions aren't perfect.  It is a true lesson and inspiration for anyone looking toward the continued advancement of the human race.

That's the real news.

  And then......