Friday, November 14, 2014

Incredible Human Achievement VS. Poo-Flinging Monkeys: Reason #(one million and) 1 that I Simply Cannot Take Modern Feminists Seriously

I realized years ago that I enjoy observing internet media trends more closely than most of my friends and acquaintances, especially the two very large fields of science and popular politics.  If you are not familiar with the current state of astrophysics and space exploration, or the supposedly "progressive" and "tolerant" ideologies behind popular progressivism and feminism online, here is a quick update with some of my own commentary.....
....proper and polite, totally not sexist, and 100% feminist always, of course!

First, the REAL news:

  Today, there was incredible achievement tempered with some stinging disappointment in the world of space exploration and solar system research.  The European Space Agency completed the traveling and landing portions of the Rosetta mission, and landed the research craft Philae on a comet 300 million miles from Earth.

The articles linked below give a more thorough review of the science and the mission.

  The 10-year Rosetta mission was truly amazing, for a variety of reasons, even if those reasons only have mass appeal to astronomy buffs, science enthusiasts, and Sci-Fi fans like myself.  The simple fact that we are now capable of sending an unmanned research station hundreds of millions of miles and hitting such a small target could barely have been imagined even in the forward-thinking Sci-Fi of 100 years ago, and that's just the beginning.  
  Unfortunately, the landing was not perfect, and has probably severely compromised some of the research goals.  But because of incredibly detailed planning including multiple research goals, and along with backup plans and ingenuity in the face of setbacks, there is still great scientific value in the mission.  More than most people will ever bother to know.
  I realize that to many people this is, sadly, no big deal, succeed or fail.  Humans have been doing space missions off and on for 40+ years now, and the mass public as a group is easily bored.  But people will be reading a million pages of bullshit on the internet just like every day, so this is also a symptom of mass public and media ignorance of, and/or apathy toward, mankind's space exploration. The achievement today is a far bigger deal than 90% of what the media will likely focus on.

  Even if almost all of the planned mission fails, this first-of-a-kind attempt will still return valuable results, show a viable proof of concept, and give advice for perfecting future missions.  

  That is the real power of science, new research, experiment, and exploration:  even a near-total failure may still be a huge success, with real, tangible rewards that simply cannot be realized in any other way.

These linked articles detail the problems, and what can possibly be done about them.

  This mission represents incredible achievements of humankind, makes evident the inherent difficulty and risk involved in such enterprises, and helps us outline how we can carry on in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and achieve some success even when conditions aren't perfect.  It is a true lesson and inspiration for anyone looking toward the continued advancement of the human race.

That's the real news.

  And then......

these assholes!  This is the "progressive, feminist" science news!  Who are they, you ask?
  Well, who they are, is a bunch of whiny, shit-dropping chihuahua-type creatures who claim to be righting horrible wrongs, defending oppressed women, and pretty much posing as the guiding moral light of the Next Generation.  And for a touch of extra hubris, many of them have the nerve to claim to be supporting actual science by doing so!

  So, what have they and their ever-present "progressive" media supporters contributed to actual human progress?   The same thing they always contribute: Unbelievable smugness, self-righteousness, dishonesty, exaggeration, shitty shaming techniques, and nasty bitching at real human beings who dare to display actual personalities and attain real achievements.  In short, they totally media-blasted a harmless, innocent scientist, and made him out to be a horrible sexist who hates women in the sciences, over a fucking SHIRT.   I am not even kidding.

And they did it in the name of Science.

 The basic claim, the essential brouhaha, is that a scientist, working in a closed environment with a few co-workers, is demeaning women by wearing a club-style button-down art shirt that shows a pin-up style woman in fantasy gear.  By the genius explanations of feminists, this is literally supposed to be demeaning to all women in sciences, and such things also explain why more women don't go into the field.

  Fucking seriously, that is the line of bullshit these worthless shit-balls(excuse me, I meant totally valuable and important feminist activists) are selling.   Women wanting to enter the sciences are totally demeaned and made a fucking SHIRT.

  They've bitched and bitched and bitched about a man wearing a slightly risque shirt during a single interview.  A fucking SHIRT.  They've used such ridiculous shaming techniques and such smug, condescending superiority that they drove him to a tearful apology for showing such horrible "sexism".  

Over a fucking SHIRT.    The scientist lambasted in the fake-ass media event, Dr. Matt Taylor, has a reputation as a playful and fun figure, sporting many tattoos and wearing bright clothes around the workplace instead of being another boring, grey-suited drone(like the smug asshole I'll show you below).  And of course, it was never a problem until a "feminist" found out.  Of course.

  Then the word spread to other "activists".  They wrote blog posts, started a twitter "storm" of fake-ass outrage over such egregious "sexism" in the scientific community, got their fellow parasites in the media to write major public news articles (about a fucking SHIRT) in order to defend women (from a fucking SHIRT).   But really, all they truly accomplished was to get their own faces in the news, like the entirely worthless, hate-filled, narcissistic, parasitic frauds that they are, unapologetically shitting on science, women, and a harmless man to get their righteous fervor on.

    And then, a couple of wonderful, enlightened, progressive saints from within the scientific community itself stepped up on twitter to give us lowly, disgusting, sexist peasants some uninvited moral lessons, while heaping overblown, bullshit shame on their incredibly accomplished and innocent colleague.  I have to wonder, is it purely pathetic envy speaking through these shitbags, or just the usual extreme and intolerant, sex-shaming self-righteousness of modern feminists and progressives?

  So... let's have some good old fashioned, prudish, supposedly progressive shaming of totally harmless playful semi-sexuality!  (That only ever applies to men, of course!)

Hey, little Stevie boy: Demeaning to women?  Seriously?  You pretending to be supporting "women" as a group is far more demeaning than any kind of semi-sexy shirt.  Shut the fuck up, you slimy bastard.  You're just another nutless jack-off who gets off on pretending to be a "real man" who "respects women" by treating them as pathetic children while smugly shaming totally harmless behavior in other men.  Fuck you up your smug ass, you piece of shit.  

  And Katie-girl, you precious, delicate flower who must be made totally comfortable at all times by men bending to your personal tastes: if this shirt makes you so "unwelcome", you barely qualify as an adult human being, much less someone to be listened to.  Why not try growing up and shutting your flappy idiot-hole , OK? 

They're welcome to their opinions...but it's the dripping, shitty, runny self-righteous SMUGNESS of these two assholes that really gets me.  I can't even IMAGINE what it would be like to be such a fucked-up wannabe school-marm talking about a fucking shirt "demeaning women".

When I read these tweets, all I can hear is the pathetic control-freak bleating behind their bullshit: 

"Look at us, not that horrible sexist!"

" We are the GOOD PEOPLE, totally not just some smug, asshole, buttinsky control freaks and pseudo-victorian prudes!"

 "We are all about tolerance and inclusiveness as long as we get to smugly and dishonestly shame men at will, while pretending to be "supporting" women!"

  In short, what a giant crock of pompous, blindingly smug, "feminist", "progressive" bullshit, the single biggest overblown non-event fem-turd I've seen all month...and in today's media, that's really saying something, since they have about a thousand per day.

  But now, I have to drop the rant and get serious again:

  There is a sad coincidence- a huge and disgusting tragedy, an actual ongoing happening of incredible sexism and ultimate progressive folly in dealing with it- that really puts things in perspective.  It also further exposes the hypocrisy and utter contemptibility of these complaints about a fucking SHIRT. Of course, I'm assuming that it is in fact a coincidence, and not a sign of an entire culture failing and falling.
  Right now, in England and across much of Europe, the values of Western society are under both cultural attack, and all too often, violent physical attack by hostile Muslim immigrants who literally treat women's rights as a sick joke.  There are immigrant women walking the streets of London, forced lifelong into burkas, and forced into anti-woman "sharia courts" instead of the western legal system that recognizes women's rights.
  Even more appallingly, there are real-life rape gangs and prostitution rings, run by Muslim immigrants, with multiple THOUSANDS, maybe tens of thousands of English, European and Muslim sex-trafficking victims, which have even been intentionally ignored for decades by the government, progressives, and feminists alike.  The basis of Western society that makes both scientific genius and real freedom for women possible, is eating itself and committing suicide while madmen demand the rights to run the asylum.

  And who do the fucking feminists and progressives attack?  Not real sexists, rapists, science-deniers and literal slavers...that would be RACIST!  They focus on totally trivial, white-male-shaming bullshit like shaming a man over a shirt. This is the best we get from these lying cowards and smug school-marms who dishonestly claim to be pro-women and open to human sexuality.  All they can do is busily and publicly tear a harmless man apart over A FUCKING SHIRT, on the 100%  feminist, 100% retarded assumption that one man wearing a non-feminist-approved shirt is demeaning to women, and keeping women out of the sciences!  

  Fuck me with a cheese grater, these people are the biggest fucking hypocrites I've ever seen.  100% Organic Self-Righteous Control Freak and Pure All-Natural Asshole, no additives or preservatives, and always more than ready to publicly shame the mildest sexuality of a harmless man over literally nothing.  They really just need to be THAT superior, and it is beyond pathetic.  If they weren't such contemptible shitbags, I'd actually feel sorry for them.

  As far as modern feminism and progressive media, it's always the same old story.  You have a creator and the achievement, a Michaelangelo and his David.  The creator may not be perfect, but surely his sins are minimal.  And then, you have a bunch of yapping chihuahuas, pretending to be the loyal guardians of Right and Proper, doing nothing but shitting on the feet of Michaelangelo and his David, talking stupid shit about Michaelangelo's shirt, and calling their shit-droppings the REAL achievement.  But any fool can see that even this cracked, possibly broken David is still infinitely more valuable than the droppings, except those who hide behind smug righteousness, but really wish to police and control others, and promote themselves as saving non-existent victims.

  I suppose if you top their pile of crap with a cardboard sign that says:  "Modern Feminism", it would at least qualify as commentary.  I guess that part is my job.

  So, the Defenders of Women have performed their Holy Office.   Mildly sexual shirts have been purged from the Sciences!  Huzzah!!!!!  The Imaginary Sexist Dragon is slain!!!!

What a victory for women in the sciences. 

Oh ,yeah, and we totally landed a research vehicle on a comet 300 million miles away.  It's nothing to get excited about, though.  There was a sexist shirt involved!!!!

One last note:

Dear Reader,  If you really truly disagree with me, if you really truly agree with these jerk-offs, and think that intelligent, self-empowered women need defending from the demeaning effects of dangerous shirts in the sciences(lol), please feel free to comment and tell me why.

Enlighten me as to why you hate both women and men, and the mildest forms of male sexuality so much, while pretending to respect them, OK?  And maybe answer a question for me while you're at it...if the roles were reversed, and it was a woman wearing a shirt with maybe, topless Brad Pitt in his underwear, would you still be supporting the anti-sex crusade?  Would it be threatening and sexist to men and a sexist problem to be corrected, or are you just anti-male hypocrites?

Thanks in advance!